Bad Decisions Hurt.

Make good decisions with CARPROOF's Vehicle Valuation Report (VVR).

Increase accuracy

Making good decisions means considering all the factors that make your current situation unique. VVR’s VIN-specific valuation data considers a vehicle’s unique history, powering accurate numbers that prevent over-paying for inventory and losing deals by undervaluing trades.

Maximize profits

Making good decisions means using the best data and tools available. By considering vehicle history and actual sold prices (not just listing prices), VVR helps you accurately determine vehicle values. Use VVR to appraise accurately the first time around and prevent inventory write-downs, margin erosion and aging inventory costs.

Build trust

Making good decisions means changing the way you do things to improve your results. By providing third-party validation that the offer you’re making on a trade is fair, VVR’s Offer Sheet helps reduce the number of lost trades and improve customer experiences, helping you build trust and keep them coming back.